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City of Vandalia Income Tax Division

Phone (937) 415-2240
Toll-Free (866) 898-5891
Fax (937) 415-2361
Email: tax@vandaliaohio.org

Additional Tax Services & Collection

The Tax Division of the Vandalia Finance department also administers income tax for the following cities:

West Milton
Clayton/Clay Township
Butler Township JEDD
Butler Township JEDZ.

The Tax Division no longer administers tax collection for the City of Union.  For information regarding Union's tax collection, visit their website.

Location, Hours, and Extended Hours

If you have any questions about the income tax for any locality that we administer for, please contact our office.  We are located at 333 James E. Bohanan Memorial Dr., Vandalia, Ohio 45377.

Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday with extended hours during the tax filing season.

Tax Preparation

Tax Returns can be completed using the Online Tax Tool.

Online Payments

Click Here to Pay Online

Past Due Penalty and Interest Rates

Effective 1/1/16 for taxable years 2016 and future, the interest rate will be the federal short-term rate plus five percent per annum (5% per year for 2016, or 0.42% per month).  The penalty for unpaid income tax is 15%, and the penalty for unpaid withholding tax is 50%.

Please link to E-Gov Services to download all tax forms and instructions.
The forms are stored in Adobe Acrobat format.
If you do not have the
latest free
Acrobat viewer, you can download ihere.

The versions of the Income Tax Ordinances and Regulations available on this website may or may not be the official versions or may occasionally differ from the official versions.  They should be relied upon for general information purposes only.  While such information is believed to be accurate, it should not be wholly relied upon in every instance for every tax issue.  If you feel there are any errors or omissions, please report such to the Vandalia Finance Department.  The online versions are provided for the convenience of the public.  We strive to keep them updated on a timely basis but any recent changes may not be immediately reflected.  The official versions, if different from those on this website, are available from each respective city.   In no event shall the Cities of Vandalia, Brookville, Clayton and West Milton be held liable for damages of any nature, direct or indirect arising from the use of this service.  Please contact the Vandalia Finance Department if you have any questions.


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